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Community Giving Platform Feature Set

Donor/End User Interface

Below is an overview of the site features that need to be available on the site:

  • Home Page
    • Responsive interface that adjusts well for mobile users
    • Social integration with Twitter/Facebook
    • Optional slider can be shown on the site prior to the actual donation period (this can be controlled via site administration)
    • Section for In Person Donation Stations
    • During the donation period a Donation Totals banner will be displayed at the top of the page (timing of the totals banner is controlled via site administration)
    • You can locate non-profits by two ways on the home page – via an alphabetical listing as well as by a category grouping
    • Key word search for non-profits is available as an option as well
    • During the time of donations the Leader Boards will be displayed. Leader boards included are: (timing of these being displayed is controlled via site administration)
      • Top 10 Non-Profits with the Most Unique Donors
      • Top 10 Non-Profits with the Most Raised Dollars
    • There is an optional Sponsors section where sponsor logos can be displayed (URLs can be assigned to the logos to allow visitors to go to their sites)
    • There will be a consistent footer across the site with some basic information about your Big Give and your contact information
  • About Us Page
  • FAQ Page
  • Toolkit Page
    • Page that provides resources for organizations to download giving day documentation and other collateral
  • Non Profit Registration Page
    • This will be a page that is only available on the site until the registration time frame is closed (controlled via site administration)
    • When a non-profit organization registers on the site an email is sent to the primary admin contact (this email address is controlled via site administration)
  • Newsletter Subscription Page
    • Offers a sign-up form where they can provide their email address to be added to a mailing list
    • This would be an integration with MailChimp so that as the email addresses are collected you can run mailing campaigns from this service
  • Non Profit Profile Page
    • This page is the page that will display all of the information that the non-profit has the ability to log in update their profile information. This is their opportunity to promote themselves and convince people to donate to their cause. This is the page where the donation button will appear during the open donation period. If the non-profit does not set up with PayPal we do allow them to enter all of their information and then we provide a link off to their own website if they can take donations there and do not want to take them through our process.
    • This page will also display on the right hand side other non-profits that are part of their category
    • As donors visit this page and click “Add to Cart” the non-profit will be added to the cart but the donor will remain on this page. This way they can continue to navigate to other non-profits and add them to the cart. Once they have all of the non-profits added to the cart that they want to donate to that is when they will click on the View Cart button.
  • Quick Give Page
    • Offer a way to add multiple non-profits to the cart at one time
  • View Cart Page
    • On this page the donor will enter their information that will be captured in our database, they will specify the donation amount for each nonprofit and then when they click the Make Donation button they will be routed to PayPal’s website to complete the actual payment transaction.
    • Once they have made one donation the site will write a cookie to their machine so if they come back to the site to make another donation they will not have to re-enter all of their donor information.
    • Also since we save their donorID to a cookie the site will remember who they have in their cart if they leave the site and come back.

Non-Profit Profile Management Interface

First the non-profit organization would access the Log In page, provide their userid and password and once authenticated be able to manage their profile information.

Below is an overview of the fields that the Non-Profit can fill out for their profile:

  • Non-Profit Friendly Name (displayed at top of page)
  • Legal Name (displayed on the right side of page)
  • Logo
  • Project Image
  • Organization Profile Description
  • Project Description
  • Non-Profit Category
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Contact Email Address
  • PayPal Email Address (so funds settle to the correct place)
  • Website Address
  • Twitter Address
  • Facebook Address
  • YouTube Video ID (they can display a video in place of a static project image)
  • Ability to download their organization's donation information

Big Give Administrator Interface

  • The administrator interface offers a Dashboard as soon as any level administration account logs in. The dashboard provides some high level charts about the Big Give such as:
    • % of Donations via Web
    • % of Orgs that Met Goal
    • Dollars Received per Non-Profit Organization

Collector Interface (Collector role)

  • Provides the ability to add donors and donations for in-person donations during the donation period
  • Since this is web based application you can have multiple people adding donations at the same time and from any location there is an Internet connection

Collection Administrator Interface (Collection Administrator role) (includes Collector Role rights)

  • Provides the ability to view and export all donation information

Big Give Administrator Interface (Admin role) (includes Collector & Collection Admin Role rights)

Below is an overview of the site features that are available on the site:

  • Ability to download all of the donor/donation data at any time
  • Ability to set site trigger dates
    • When the site is open to non-profits to manage their profiles
    • When the site is open to receive donations
    • When the countdown timer displays on the home page
    • When the donation total banner displays on the home page
    • When the slider is visible on the home page
    • Set the primary admin email address (for notifications of when a new organization signs up)
  • Ability to edit all profile information for a non-profit
  • Ability to manage non-profit organization accounts
  • Ability to manage Big Give Administrator accounts
  • Ability to manage Collection Administrator accounts
  • Ability to manage Collector accounts
  • Ability to manage in-person donation locations
  • Ability to manage the following page content
    • About Us
    • Events
    • FAQs
    • Sponsors
    • Toolkit

PayPal Integration

  • Provides the ability to securely handle donation transactions by an industry leader.
  • No credit card information is stored on the big give site.
  • PayPal provides a feedback channel to the big give site to confirm if the donations succeeded on PayPal's end. This keeps the totals that are displayed on the site as accurate as possible. This also helps to alleviate additional work during the reconciliation process and the end of the big give.