“If you take the team out of teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?”

Matthew Woodring Stover

Derek Feagin


Derek is an INTJ that is always looking for a challenge and loves problem solving. With a wide ranging background in hardware, networking development, and project management he has a great skill set for leading our team. He thrives on creating new applications to help people streamline their business processes and cash flow. Although he has introverted tendencies, he loves to help clients dream about and implement their ideas for the future.

Tammy Feagin

Web Designer/Office Manager

Tammy has over 10 years experience with website development using html and WordPress. She loves organizing and designing which she brings to the table when building out a website. In her spare time you can find her redecorating her home, quilting, and investing in quality time with her family.

Denon Feagin

Graphic Designer

Denon is a multidisciplinary graphic designer, currently living in Grand Island, Nebraska. He loves his coffee, hot or cold, and can be found rewatching one of his favorite tv shows, or learning new design skills in his free-time. He has a passion for typography and midcentury modern designed furniture.

Shannon Van Beek

Marketing Manager

Shannon is a creative mind that enjoys getting to learn and try new things. She expresses this in her love of baking, photography, music, and even the digital marketing field. Her love for learning drove her to pursue a degree in education, which has taught her a lot about people and communication. One of her greatest desires is to impact everyone she comes into contact with in a positive way, followed closely by her desire to one day own a horse ranch.